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Commercial Roofing Trends for 2023

It’s 2023, and a lot has changed in the way we do things across a wide variety of industries. The commercial roofing industry has seen its fair share of groundbreaking changes leading to trends, and everyone is looking to jump on the bandwagon. Roofing trends are gaining traction in the United States as more new commercial buildings are built and older ones get much-needed upgrades.

Even though it could be challenging to stay on top of every trend, we’ll strive to keep you informed about some of the latest ones in this post. Consider some of these commercial roofing trends if you want to remodel your building or construct a new one.

1. Metal Roofing

Metal roofing for commercial buildings is soaring in popularity among commercial property owners because of its energy-efficient properties and excellent durability. Metal roofs can keep buildings cool and limit energy consumption that would have otherwise been consumed by air conditioning. They have high thermal retention to perform this role excellently and can be aesthetically pleasing. With several designs to choose from, you can find options like standing seam metal roofs that resemble clay tiles or traditional asphalt shingles. There are also metal shingles or clay tile options you can choose from.


If you are worried about how noisy a metal roof is, there are insulators you can add to it that will serve as soundproof. You can also ask your roofing contractors for other options to reduce the noise on a metal roof when it rains.

2. Greener Roofs

As global warming rises in impact and consciousness, the commercial roofing industry is playing its part in limiting its effect on humans sheltered in commercial buildings through sustainable green roofing. Green roofs are more beneficial for commercial properties as they help reduce energy costs. Since it’s a strong insulator, a green roof will shield you from the sun’s scorching heat in summer and reduce how much you’ll spend on air conditioning systems across your commercial building. Green roofs are also becoming the standard for smart city buildings because of their energy efficiency, unlike wood roofing.

Furthermore, green roofing materials can significantly improve air quality within the home and environment when they trap pollutants and release oxygen.

3. Colorful Roofing

You might be wondering what business commercial roofs will have with being so colorful. Well, this is business, and branding is part of it. Most commercial properties will want to reflect their branding on their roofs for attraction and easy recognition. It’s now a trend sweeping the roofing industry.

With the inclusion of the company’s logo and brand name on roofing materials, it only gets better. People can recognize their buildings from afar with their unique colors, and that’s a marketing style. When combined with metal coatings, ceramic tiles, energy-saving insulators, and other roofing adornments, colorful roofing materials are unbeatable in style and functionality. This trend has come to stay, and we’ll see more of its modifications in the future.

4. Solar Roofs

Solar panels are becoming a common sight on commercial rooftops. They offer dual benefits: as sources of cheap and renewable energy for electricity and as energy-efficient roof options. When these solar panels absorb energy from the sun to generate electricity, they reflect heat upward and away from the building, which reduces the heat the building would naturally absorb. This activity helps to reduce energy costs.

There are solar panel tiles that are growing in popularity today. They are more stylish and aesthetically pleasing than photovoltaic cell panels. You can integrate them into an existing roof to function as solar panels, attractive roofing, and roof insulators. These tiles are easier to install than photovoltaic cells, although installation costs are generally expensive with anything solar.

But the government is trying to get people to use clean and safe energy by giving tax breaks and other incentives to people who own solar panels. If you decide to install these panels on your roof, you are automatically eligible for these benefits.

5. Drone Deployment

Drones are now used in commercial roofing for inspection and assessment of roofs before repair commences. Deaths are in the mix when dealing with rooftops, and drones are minimizing them by making inspections easier. Don’t be surprised when you ask for a roofing inspection to detect a leak or anything wrong with your roof and you don’t hear noises above.

The drones are doing the damage assessment more quickly and effectively. Walking on rooftops to inspect a roofing material can also cause more damage if the contractor is not careful, and in cases where repairs have been made but the roofing material is still leaking, it can be difficult to find the exact spot where the damage is prominent.

Drone inspection takes care of these challenges faster while identifying damaged spots with pinpoint accuracy, no matter how tiny they are.

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